Virtual CFO Services

As your virtual CFO,  

we’ll partner with you or your industry experts, 

accountants, and tax professionals. Together, we’ll work with you to guide your business to success.

Business Meeting

What Is It About?

Together, we’ll work with you to guide your business to success.


A typical month will usually include an Invoicing Meeting in Week 1, a Forecasting Meeting in Week 2 (where we go over the YTD financials to budgets and KPIs), and Follow-Up Projects during Weeks 3 and 4.


If part of your virtual CFO pricing package includes us paying bills, we will also meet weekly for about 15-30 minutes to go over the cash flow for the next 2 to 6 weeks. This is usually conducted with an individual team member, rather than your entire director team.  


Other than pre-scheduled meetings, my team and I are available anytime during the month for questions, calls and impromptu meetings.  


We find that this virtual CFO schedule generally works best for most clients, but, of course, we always tailor everything to suit the specific needs of individual clients. 


"Smart Money CFO was our missing piece . A reliable virtual CFO with a simple, elegant system, at a consistent monthly price."


"Smart Money CFO gives me the peace of mind that my business finances are being done right, so that I can focus on growing my business operations."

What Our Clients Say About US

Professional Virtual CFO Services for Small Businesses

Extremely cost-effective

Our virtual CFO service, is at a fraction of what a full-time CFO would have cost you.


Your opportunity to outsource your finance needs.

Expert Help

Having a financial expert to speak and guide your business growth and planning.

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